What’s involved in being a freemason?

Joining freemasonry is not a commitment to be taken lightly. To get the best out of the order and yourself will require you to put some effort in to it. Trust us, the more you give to freemasonry the more it will give to you.

Within our lodge you will be facing the following commitments.


4 regular meetings a year on the third Saturday in Jan, Mar, May and Nov.

Attendance at the Lodge of Instruction where possible, usually twice a month.

The ritual is learnt by heart, this takes time and commitment if you wish to participate fully.


An initiation fee of c£150 payable once on the night of your initiation into the lodge.

Annual subscriptions of c£150 payable in January each year.

A dining fee of c£24 at meeting.

A charitable donation at each meeting but this is personal and must be within your means.


You will need the consent and support of your partner and family if you are to fully enjoy freemasonry.

You will have the opportunities to visit other lodges both locally and further afield. This adds further demands on your time and wallet.