We’ve obviously piqued your interest enough that you’re contemplating joining us.

Freemasonry is open to men from all walks of life, regardless of their personal circumstances or background. If you are considering applying for membership to ours, or any Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • Membership is only open to men over the age of 21 years (18 in certain circumstances)
  • All Freemasons are required to have a belief in a Supreme Being
  • All Freemasons are required to obey the law and to be good citizens
  • Freemasons are specifically prohibited from using their masonic affiliations to further their own (or anyone else’s) business interests
  • Freemasons regularly donate money to Charity. No one, however, is asked to donate more than they can afford
  • A Freemason’s first duty is always the well-being of his family.

If you satisfy the above list and would like to be considered for membership we would follow a process that broadly goes like this:

  • A group from the Lodge would aim to meet you socially for a discussion about your interest.  We would discuss the commitments (both in time and money) that would be required, your family’s support, and your general interest in the organisation.
  • The Lodge may invite you and your partner to one or more social events so you can meet the members.
  • If you wish to progress membership you would be interviewed by a small panel of Lodge members and there would be some paperwork to be completed.
  • If the panel of Lodge members supports your membership you would then be formally proposed and balloted for at a regular Lodge meeting and a date would be set for your initiation into the Lodge and order in general.

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