Lodge meetings

Our Lodge meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday in November, January, March and May. Like any organisation, there is a business element with minutes, accounts and plans for forthcoming events and charity activities to be addressed and discussed amongst members. A very important part of each meeting is a report on the welfare of members who are not able to be present, together with their family's wellbeing.

The main part of the our Lodge meetings are ceremonial and involve a series of formalised and symbolic presentations (similar to short plays but we call them degrees) that use drama to highlight the codes of conduct by which a Freemason strives to live. The final part of the meeting usually involves members sharing an enjoyable meal together, known as a Festive Board.

Lodge of instruction

As well as our regular Lodge meetings (4 times a year), we also have a Lodge of Instruction which meets twice a month between September and June. This is an opportunity to come along and participate and learn more about the ritual in a more relaxed setting. Your attendance at the Lodge of Instruction is expected as you progress through the various offices within the Lodge.

Charitable work

At each meeting we raise funds for charity.  Usually the Worshipful Master selects a charity or charities he would like to support during his year as Master.  In 2017 the Lodge donated over £3,000 and members' individual charity work raised a further £7,000.

Between 2010 and 2016 the Lodge supported the Provincial Festival in aid of one of the main Masonic charities, the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.  Over the 6 year period the Lodge raised in excess of £18,000 and qualified as a 'Gold Supporter' of the Festival.  All the Lodges in Hampshire and Isle of Wight raised over £7 million between them in support of the Festival.

Social aspects

Once a year we organise a Ladies Festival which usually takes the format of a weekend away, with a formal black tie event on the Saturday evening. This is a chance to socialise with our partners and also invite non-masonic friends along.  We meet up fairly regularly at local restaurants with our partners and friends and lately we've enjoyed evening cruises on the Basingstoke canal, tours of Grand Lodge in London, and a masonic walking tour of the City of London. 

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What Freemasonry means to me

...in More Majorum Lodge I have a very supportive environment and life long friends.

W.Bro. Guy

To me, my entire time has been fantastic and I have some great new friends who all enjoy the lodge atmosphere.

Bro. Chris

I've made lifelong friends of people I'd never have met in my day to day life.

W.Bro. Guy