My masonic journey is somewhat unusual. I am a keen biker and have attended the annual British Motorcycle Federation Rally for 15 years. Once my son passed his bike test, he came with me for what was always a very enjoyable weekend spent looking at bikes, listening to live bands and drinking the odd pint of ale. One year he told me that he could not come as he had an important commitment the same weekend. This happened for several years and I was intrigued to know what was more important and enjoyable than the rally.

He finally told me that he was a Freemason and had a meeting which clashed with the bike rally. This had to be something special for him to stop going to the rally but, like most people, I had a somewhat bigoted view of Freemasons and their strange ceremonies. Occasionally, we discussed Masonry and I gradually became more and more interested.  On 21 November 2009 I was Initiated into the More Majorum Lodge and have since been Master for 2 consecutive years.  It is relatively common for a father to propose a son and be involved in his progression, but the other way round is very rare. My son actually presided at the ceremony where I became a Master Mason, which was a memorable experience for us both.

In the last 9 years I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The members of the lodge are caring, sincere men who have made me very welcome and enriched my life. I have made many friends and look forward to the time I spend with my fellow Freemasons, especially my son. I can without hesitation recommend freemasonry as an excellent way to be with like-minded men and share the camaraderie, experiences and friendship while also helping many very deserving charities.

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    Bro. Chris
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    W.Bro. Dennis
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    W.Bro. Guy
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    W.Bro. Ray
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