My father was a freemason so it was always something I was going to join when I was ready.  I eventually joined at 26 but I wish I'd joined sooner.  I love the ceremonial aspect of what we do and learning and delivering the ritual gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction.  Freemasonry has made me a more confident public speaker, has developed my capacity for learning and recall, has encouraged me to research the history behind it, but above all has introduced me to a wonderful organisation and enabled me to make many friends from all walks of life.

Moving to the UK from abroad I had no social life outside of my work colleagues.  Joining More Majorum Lodge, and subsequently other masonic orders, I soon developed  a network of friends, something that would have been much more difficult were it not for freemasonry.

As a freemason I've learnt to be more tolerant and to help those less fortunate, whilst at the same time knowing there is a support network should I or my family need it.  We keep our charitable activities fairly quiet but being part of a small group of blokes who raise significant sums for all sorts of charities is immensely satisfying.  I get huge satisfaction from seeing a man join the lodge, grow and develop and ultimately become master of his lodge, knowing that I have contributed to his journey in some small way.

Above all I enjoy it, the only pressure is self inflicted, and in More Majorum Lodge I have a very supportive environment and life long friends.

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    Bro. Chris
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    W.Bro. Dennis
  • I eventually joined at 26 but I wish I'd joined sooner. Read More
    W.Bro. Guy
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    W.Bro. Ray
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