I started my journey into Freemasonry about 3 and a half years ago just prior to leaving the military after a 20 plus year career.  I felt like I was leaving an aged old time honoured traditional club but potentially felt Freemasonry might bridge that gap.

I was looking for a lodge that was suited to my working life and also fit around family commitments, as my lodge is over an hour away from where I live I chose a lodge that meets on a Saturday.  Whilst to some that might sound onerous, for me it means I don't have to try and race to an evening meeting and also gives my wife and kids a break from me hanging about the house every weekend.

Before joining you hear a fair few horror stories about anything from rituals to the dreaded "tutters" who follow your every word and move like a hawk, but I'm pleased to say I've never experienced this thus far.  There are some who would say the ritual is long, boring and old fashioned but when you get used to the meanings and the reasoning behind it, it makes more sense.  I find rehearsals and ritual are actually a break away from the normal stress of work and almost an escape from some pressures.

You don't have to make your way through the lodge at anything other than your own pace and there is no expectation except that you will enjoy the company of your fellow masons.

To me, my entire time has been fantastic and I have some great new friends who all enjoy the lodge atmosphere.

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    Bro. Chris
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    W.Bro. Dennis
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    W.Bro. Guy
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    W.Bro. Ray
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