Each Lodge has a number of officers with specific duties to perform.  There are three broad categories of offices:

  • Progressive Offices - generally the offices leading to that of Worshipful Master.
  • The Ceremonial Offices - those responsible for the ceremonial aspects of our meetings.
  • The Administrative Offices - those important offices that deal with the running of the Lodge.

Each member of the Lodge has the opportunity to become Worshipful Master if he wishes, a position generally held for one year, and usually obtained after spending a year in each of the progressive offices.  After spending a year as Worshipful Master the member may then move into the other administrative or ceremonial offices if he wishes.


Progressive Offices

Worshipful Master W.Bro. T. Storey
Senior Warden W.Bro. J. Stott PPJGW PM
Junior Warden W.Bro. D. Conway-Holland PPJGW PM
Senior Deacon Bro. L. Thomas
Junior Deacon Bro. C. Amos
Inner Guard Bro. M. Pointer
Steward Bro. A. Osborne
Steward  Bro. N. Gilbert
Steward  Bro. C. Thompson

Administrative Officers

Chaplain W.Bro. C. Newman PPJGW LGR PM
Treasurer W.Bro. M. Ashton ProvAGStdB PM
Secretary W.Bro. P. Bishop PPAGReg PM
Asst. Secretary W.Bro. D. Stott PPJGW PM
Almoner W.Bro. J. Allington PM
Charity Steward Bro. L. Thomas
Mentor W.Bro. R. Ashton PM
Membership Officer W.Bro. A. Davey PPJGW PM

Ceremonial Officers

Director of Ceremonies W.Bro. G. Sudron PPJGW PM
Asst. Director of Ceremonies W.Bro. M. Watts PPAGDC PM
Tyler Bro. T. Cowell
Immediate Past Master W.Bro. R. Ashton PM